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General Information


  1. Driving License and Drivers:
    Only the drivers who are approved by Abant Tic. LTD. at the time of rental are permitted to drive. Minimum driver age must be 25 and the driver must hold a valid international or local driver license for a minimum of 3 years at the time of rental.
  2. Insurance:
    Prices include 3rd party insurance which may be waived with C.D.W (Collision Damage Waiver) which is 3 GBP per day.
  3. 3rd Party and CDW:
    3rd Party: The renter is responsible for any loss or damages to the rental vehicle in accordance with TRNC laws.
    CDW:3 GBP per day, full comprehensive. CDW does not cover any damages or loss to tires, accessories, or interior of the rental car.
  4. Minimum Rental:
    Minimum rental that Abant Rent A Car offers is three (3) days.
  5. Petrol:
    Petrol is paid by the renter.You leave it as you find it. If the car has 1/4 petrol in the tank at the time of delivery, you drop it back with 1/4 tank.The petrol is not refundable.
  6. Delivery:
    Free delivery to the Ercan Airport when rented over 7 days. Larnaca Airport pick ups are also available with an extra cost as the rental cars can not be driven to South Cyprus.
  7. Additional Drivers:
    Additional driver is free of charge.
  8. Traffic Fines:
    Renter is liable for all parking and traffic violations.
  9. Substitution:
    Abant Tic. LTD. reserves the right to substitute type and make of the car in circumstances beyond our control.

  Maps and child seats are free of charge

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